Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being Thankful

With this years Thanksgiving i have to take this opportunity to give thanks to so much in the world. I first have to give thanks to God because I never knew that after being diagnosed 24 years ago that I would be here to tell my story and to enjoy this thing we call life. You had a plan for me and although I sometimes can be a control freak by placing you first I can finally see the fruit you planted so many years ago.
The second set of thank you goes out to those who have embraced me not only for me telling my story but also not jumping off the train when the journey was rough. You not only stayed with me but also gave the best kind of love in the world, the unconditional love that everyone should bask in.
I thank my medical providers, people who are often forgotten. I know that when I come into the office I can sometimes be hell as I advocate what pills I will take and those I won't. Questioning your advice but then being receptive to it as my hardheadedness see the reasoning. But the greatest thanks is knowing when I come in being treated as Aundaray and not as another patient.
I give thanks to my family. My dysfunctional, not always perfect, sometimes drive me bonkers family. But show me a perfect family. There's no such thing. I'm stuck with you and you're stuck with me but although we follow different paths and thoughts we have a glue of love that keeps us together.
I want to thank all the negative people who I have encountered. By passing your path I see what I don't want to be and have learned how to be the opposite of hate.Although the lesson was sometimes painful and left me in tears sometimes, I came from it stronger and more loving.
Finally I have to give thanks to myself, as narcissistic it may sound. But I thank myself for not giving up. For getting myself off the ground when it felt like I would never be able to get back up. I thank myself for facing my fears and not letting them drive my life any longer. You were in control of the steering wheel for awhile but now you're in the trunk. And I mostly thank myself to open my heart to love. If anyone had a reason to be bitter and hateful, I qualified, but my heart only allowed in the good and embraced it.
I have so much to be thankful and if you're reading this this includes you!
Have a great holiday!!

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